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Théâtre de Nesle - petite salle, 75006 Paris

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Amine Inscrit Il y a 6 ans 1 critique  
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Generosity, the word that comes to mind after this refreshing improv. The team was amazing and frankly funny. Thank you guys
# écrit le 28/04/18 , a vu cet évènement avec

nathanaeI Inscrit Il y a 5 ans 457 critiques 5  
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Great show !
# écrit le 02/03/18 , a vu cet évènement avec

neoti Inscrit Il y a 13 ans 14 critiques  
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-Sweet and cosy show

(I'm not a native English speaker) The "secret" vibe creates a nice connexion between the players and the audience. We especially enjoyed funny scenes where some players are not aware of the secret being played on stage! One or two secrets were darker than the others, that was impressive.
# écrit le 21/11/17

sorbet13 Inscrit Il y a 11 ans 6 critiques  
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-Great show !

I saw Paris Secrets in September and the show was awesome! The scenes are very funny and a lots of them are also very touching. There is something special when you see people sharing their secrets. Great to see this type of content in improvisation.
# écrit le 21/11/17

justanaudiencemember Inscrite Il y a 4 ans 3 critiques  
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-A beautiful improv show!

I went to see Paris Secrets a couple months ago, and the show was not only funny, but also emotionally engaging. The "secret" vibe allows beautiful emotional scenes to emerge, as well as silly ones, and creates a lot of variety. Overall, it was a very entertaining and unique show, and I recommend you to go see it!
# écrit le 29/11/17

Josy6 Inscrite Il y a 5 ans 8 critiques  
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-Good improv

I liked the show. It revolved around secrets submitted by the audience, and it proved to be a good source of laughs throughout the evening. I recommend it!
# écrit le 26/09/17

Jeu4 Inscrit Il y a 4 ans 4 critiques  
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-Great show

Excellent show with a mixture of hilarious and moving scenes. Loved it!
# écrit le 23/09/17

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