Rendezvous with a Cougar Le Soum-Soum Affiche

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où cet événement eut lieu :
Le Soum-Soum, 75002 Paris

Rendezvous with a Cougar

Le Soum-Soum, Paris

- Cet événement n'est plus disponible à la réservation dans cette salle -
A one woman stand-up comedy and musical cabaret starring D'yan Forest, the sexiest 83-year old you will ever meet! Performed in English.

D'yan Forest is what everyone dreams to be at 83 years old. Talented, vibrant, funny and sexy, D'yan is the total package... Oh and did we mention she loves to seduce the younger men ? From the theaters of Broadway to the Cafes of Paris, D'yan has spent her life traveling the world, performing her unique style of stand-up and musical comedy.
Critics have called her everything from "saucy", "witty", and "irrepressible" to names we can't print here.

Now in 2018, D'yan brings to Paris her one-woman comedy cabaret, Rendezvous with a Cougar, performed in English with hints of French too. Ever wanted to know what life in Paris was like in the 1960's? Well, D'yan certainly has a story or two for you !

"This energetic performer challenges what 'old ladies' can do and say with laughs, sass, and song,"

Artiste : D'yan

Pour Tout public
à partir de 18 ans


Langue : Anglais
Durée : 60 minutes soit 01h00

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