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Le Comedy Club, 75010 Paris

New-York Comedy Night

Le Comedy Club, Paris

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The Premier English Stand Up Comedy Show in Paris

Sebastian Marx hosts an all-star lineup of local and international English-speaking comedians doing their best material for an unforgettable night of laughs. 100% English

Plus : the occasional International Headliner who happens to be in town !
Different line up every week !

As the hub for English-speaking stand up comedy in Paris, the New York Comedy Night regularly has international headliners who are coming through town. Past headliners include comedians who have been on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" "Late Night with David Letterman", "Comedy Central", "NBC's 30 Rock", "Conan O'Brien", "The Montreal Comedy Festival" and are stars of the comedy scenes in New York, L.A., London and beyond.
Come see what the Paris comedy scene has to offer !

Past headliners include :
- gad Elmaleh (Netflix)
- Judah Friedlander (30 Rock, Comedy Central)
- Dan Naturman (David Letterman, Conan O'Brien)
- Russ Meneve (Jay Leno, Last Comic Standing)
- Sandy Marks (Manhattan Comedy Night)
- Tom Rhodes (Comedy Central)
- Jena Friedman (David Letterman, The Daily Show)
- John Haskell (Writer for Jimmy Fallon, UCB)
- Roz Browne (Comedy Central, B.E.T)
- Helen Hong (E!)

Auteur : Sebastian Marx
Artiste : Sebastian Marx
Metteur en scène : Sebastian Marx

Quelques critiques de spectateurs :

Note des internautes :
4,5 avec 93 critiques
80% Bien
11% Moyen
7% Décu
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AlineC Inscrit Il y a 1 an 3 critiques
Utile: Oui Non
-Une super soirée

Une brochette d'humoristes servie à la sauce de Sébastien Marx, un parfait accompagnement de votre soirée. Ils ne sont pas tous newyorkais, mais chacun offre un regard décalé sur les personnes atteintes de frenchitude. Super drôle, dans un anglais accessible, et tellement vrai !!! Just amazing!!
# écrit le 29 Janvier

jonathan Inscrit Il y a 1 an 4 critiques  
Utile: Oui Non
-great comedy panel

sebastian is absolutely hilarious and the perfect host. out of the 5 comedians on that day, 3 were really good in my opinion. would definitely recommend it.
# écrit le 24/05/22 , a vu The New York Comedy Night, hosted by Sebastian Marx,Barbès Comedy Club Paris avec

Ninikyky Inscrite Il y a 10 ans 4 critiques  
Utile: Oui Non
-Super, très bonne soirée

Je ne m’étais pas du tout renseignée en amont et j’ai adoré. Étonnamment surprise par le lieu convivial et la super liste de comédiens. J’en connaissais aucun et j’ai finalement passé une très bonne soirée avec toutes ces découvertes ! Bravo !
# écrit le 15/12/21 , a vu The New York Comedy Night, hosted by Sebastian Marx,Barbès Comedy Club Paris avec

Le théâtreux besogneux Inscrit Il y a 2 ans 20 critiques  
Utile: Oui Non
-a genuine English stand up show not to miss !

- First you have value for money no question about that : they don't cheat you. You pay on the website and then after the show you tip in the "hat" as much as you have enjoyed. Actually the ticket is paid to the place "the Barbès comedy club" and then the tips are given to the comedians. It is supposed to last 1 hour but actually the night I attended the show it lasted 1hour and 20 minutes during which the comedians go the extra mile and don't spare themselves which makes sense since working for tips is the best pressure to give your best : I was a tourist guide for years (before COVID ruins all of it !) and I know that you always perform better under pressure when you work for tips. - Moreover the "barbès comedy club" is located in a place that may look a bit gloomy at night but don't freak out, Paris (even Barbès) is a civilized city and the place the "barbès comedy club" is a really nice friendly place with a welcoming staff. I appreciated that don't pressure you to buy a drink. I mean you have already bought your ticket and if you don't buy any drink like me as a typical cheap French guy because you want to spare your money for the tips to the comedian, they don't pressure you and don't make a face. - It's a real English comedy club show you feel like in New York I mean comedians are either English native speaker or at least fluent and they perform as if they were in an English speaking country : they don't lower the level even though they are aware that among the audience you have some French people like me whose English is somehow substandard compared to English native speaker that makes the rest of the audience : it's quite challenging and exciting for Frenchie's like me but it's the whole magic of it to be able to understand a real English stand up show with all the private jokes and slang used. About that from the get go the host Sebastian Marx makes it clear that the whole show is in English meaning real spoken English (and not the rubbish English taught in lame French schools). The "The New York Comedy Night, hosted by Sebastian Marx" is the the real thing contrary to the rubbish show of Olivier Giraud "How to become a Parisian in one hour" which is a lame pathetic not funny full of clichés show whose success is a disgrace : check my comment about that on the website "Billet réduc" under the nickname "Le théâtreux besogneux" (the hard working theater goer") - Overall, I rate the show 7/10 which is an average of the different comedians - Sebastian Marx : a grade of 9/10 for the host Sebastian Marx : he is hands down the best comedian among the five of them in total. He is smart, witty, a pure stand up comedian able to compete with the best. He interacts wonderfully with the audience, he is able to improvise, to integrate the audience profile and answers to his set. Moreover, he speaks not only about himself but of the latest news meaning that each time his set is different you can come back you are never bored. - First comedian Nadim Kayne : a grade of 7/10 : a Swiss guy with a fluent English joking about : his upbringing in an American school in Switzerland, his hate of US expat mums and expat in general, his status of third unplanned child of his family. Funny comedian with sometimes jokes about cross broders commuters between France and Switzerland a bit too private jokes but overall quite amusing. - Second comedian Yvonne : a grade of 6/10 : a born and bred New York comedian (bearing the name of "Yvonne", more old fashioned French name is not possible !) coming back to stand up after a break of two years. A bit rusted indeed at the beginning but quickly she gets back on track joking about : vulgar dating apps and today's seduction rough language, her ungrateful teenage kid : entertaining overall. - Third comedian Magda Mahaila : a grade of 5/10 for this Romanian comedian : a nice comedian talking (with a Romanian accent) about feminism, religion, sex, small penis : OK overall but less funny and her ability to interact with the audience is not on par with her fellow comedian. - Fourth comedian : a grade of 8/10 : a young guy called (I am not sure) Freddy from Caeroun though his English is just amazing since he sounds like a born and bred US guy and French like a French guy : joking about French food habits (steak tartare) and French perception of black people : quite funny and really good at interacting with the audience.
# écrit le 02/12/21 , a vu The New York Comedy Night, hosted by Sebastian Marx,Barbès Comedy Club Paris avec

nathanaeI Inscrit Il y a 8 ans 492 critiques 5  
Utile: Oui Non
-Très drôle

# écrit le 27/03/20 , a vu The New York Comedy Night, hosted by Sebastian Marx,Barbès Comedy Club Paris avec

ancarlafernandes Inscrite Il y a 7 ans 91 critiques 3  
Utile: Oui Non

I had a good time. I liked all the artists, but especially Sebastian Marx. I can't wait to see your other show The French Language at La Nouvelle Seine
# écrit le 09/02/19 , a vu cet évènement avec

French frog Inscrite Il y a 5 ans 26 critiques  
Utile: Oui Non
-Best show in town in english !

De très bons comédiens et très variés. We had a great time !
# écrit le 19/12/18 , a vu cet évènement avec

Babb Inscrite Il y a 10 ans 242 critiques 1  
Utile: Oui Non

Très bon moment À voir absolument
# écrit le 14/12/18 , a vu cet évènement avec

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