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Green mic comedy show
du dimanche 9 octobre 2022
au dimanche 25 décembre 2022
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Layonyon27 Inscrite Il y a 12 ans 65 critiques  
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excellent...j'ai aimé tous les comiques merci
# écrit le 14 Mars , a vu cet évènement avec

spethelle Inscrite Il y a 13 ans 41 critiques 2  
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-soirée fun

façon très fun de passer un dimanche soir pour pas avoir les blues de lundi!
# écrit le 19/10/21

Laurent Coste Inscrit Il y a 8 ans 4 critiques  
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-Great show and Great venue !

What a fun night! We went as group of mixed nationalities, and we all laughed! French, Americans, Indians.. Bring all your friends! The best part of a comedy show is hearing a great (big) audience laughing, and you will laugh a lot at the Green Mic
# écrit le 19/10/21

CCC11 Inscrit Il y a 3 ans 2 critiques  
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-Amazing comedy!

Great show! The comedians were really funny! I'd definitely come again!
# écrit le 19/10/21

Olish Inscrite Il y a 2 ans 2 critiques  
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Comédie anglaise de bonne qualité avec des hôtes très sympas et souriants
# écrit le 19/10/21

Hanaaidrissi Inscrite Il y a 11 mois 1 critique  
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Great show. The perfect place to go to if u want to enjoy your sunday
# écrit le 19/10/21

raphaellaizeau Inscrit Il y a 1 an 1 critique  
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-Un RDV à ne pas manquer

Un très bon moment de comédie en anglais avec de nombreux humoristes. Moi et ma copine, nous avons adorés! Le lieu est sympa aussi.
# écrit le 18/10/21

Le théâtreux besogneux Inscrit Il y a 11 mois 20 critiques  
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-a “rire jaune=mirthless laughter, forced laughter” for the lame Green Mic supposedly “comedy show”

- Only the beginning was OK with the only real comedian, a young guy called Fred performing a genuine comedian job, first interacting and improvising with the audience and then performing his jokes about hos camerounese origin and steak tartare but sadly it did last only 5 minutes tops and I guess it should have lasted more since he was the only comedian of the show and since I guess he is able to perform longer with plenty other jokes he has worked on. - Then Alya a French comedian young lady with a so so English. She really tries to do well and has worked a few jokes about Jesus and his Jewish mother but sadly it's just not funny. - Then the worst one Alan an Indian "casting mistake" : he told us it was his first time and I guess it will be the last. How on earth the host Mehdi could allow this fraud to perform on stage, it was so pathetic and hopefully short that the host Mehdi did not get the fact it was finished at the end. - Then a young guy from California : at least as a consolation prize there is the fact he is fluent in English since he is a native speaker but sadly it's pretty much what you can have from this not funny guy. - Then a guy called Tarik : I gathered the fact he was a friend of the host Mehdi and that he performs regularly with him every week. Well, it does not look like since he checks regaularly at his smartphone on which he has written some reminders like a cheat sheet to tell about his lame jokes. Then he tries to intercat with the audience but when he is short of good ideas and jokes and talent he stops all of sudden and swap back to his lame jokes. - Then a French guy Léo with a guitar : his whole set is based on the fact that his jokes are lame and indeed the entire performance is lame. - Even the host Medhi was quite disappointing : OK he is really likeable he seems to be a grat guy willing to entertain the audience make things lively but honestly it does not work terrific. At least I recognize he has worked is set and he does a regular host job swapping between his jokes, interacting with the audience and introducing his fellow "comedian" but at the end of the day sadly it's hardly OK ans quite thin compared to Sebastian Marx definitely. - It seems inexplicable that this lame comedy show "The green comedy show" garners 7 positive reviews but finally I assume that some of those few 7 positive reviews have been posted by friends and acquaintances of the host Mehdi since some of them are among the audience and Mehdi seems quite active on social media to ask for good reviews but those reviews are really misleading. - Bottom line : The Green Mic "comedy show" is all but a comedy show (except for one real comedian called Fred) so even if it's tip supported it's not worth it it's just a waste of time really; instead you will be better off at the "The New York Comedy Night hosted by Sebastian Marx".
# écrit le 03 Janvier

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