Visite guidée : Pere Lachaise cemetery tour in English | by Les Nécro-Romantiques Cimetière du Père lachaise Affiche

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Visite guidée : pere lachaise cemetery tour in english
le samedi 1 septembre 2018

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Visite guidée : Pere Lachaise cemetery tour in English
by Les Nécro-Romantiques

Cimetière du Père lachaise, Paris

Explore the tombs of the legendary cemetery in Paris and see the graves of J Morrison, O. Wilde, Chopin and many other artists, writers and musicians

Discover an enchanted hill in the center of Paris on a guided tour of the labyrinthine Pere Lachaise Cemetery, world-renowned for its funerary art and as the final resting place for many great men and women from the world of art, music, literarure and history.

The most surprising open-air museum in Paris, Pere Lachaise is home to 70,000 graves and 5,300 trees in 44 hectares of landscaped beauty. Your guide will lead you down the cemetery's cobbled paths to see picturesque tombstones.

The necro-romantic safari is certified by the Paris Visitors Bureau, and takes you on a trip through history, where the great celebrities of the past come alive. See the tombs of Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and Jim Morrison. Discover the final resting place of Molière and Chopin.

Pay your respects at the graves of Isadora Duncan and Gertrude Stein, and marvel at the tomb of Héloise and Abélard. Your guide will provide a narrative of energy and passion, balancing humor with historical accuracy to share secrets and anecdotes about the legends of the past and present.

Auteur : Thierry Le Roi
Artistes : Alberto
Metteur en scène : Thierry Le Roi

Prochaine Séance disponible:
Samedi 01 Sept. 2018 à 15h00

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Langue : Anglais
Durée : 150 minutes soit 02h30

Dresscode : Please wear comfortable shoes
Cimetière du Père lachaise
Site en Plein air
8 boulevard de Ménilmontant
75020   Paris
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Région : Paris - Ile de France - (75)

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