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La Nouvelle Seine, 75005 Paris

D'yan Forest dans Swinging On The Seine

La Nouvelle Seine, Paris

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Have you ever wanted to know what life in Paris was like way back in the Swinging Sixties?

Comedienne, singer and living legend D'yan Forest has a story for you. At 84-year's old, D'yan's true love is the city of Paris. She moved here from America in 1963 as a young, sassy ingenue looking to make it big in the Parisian cabaret scene. She had many unforgettable and hilarious adventures while immersing herself in the glitz, glamour and scandal of the era. And guess what? She'd love to tell you all about it!

Through stand-up comedy and song, accompanied by her trusty ukulele, D'yan takes you back to her first years in the City of Love. Additionally, she gives you insight into her current life as an octogenarian, returning to the city that she loves to make it big once again.

Artiste : D'yan Forest

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4,5 avec 6 critiques
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spethelle Inscrite Il y a 14 ans 41 critiques 2  
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D'yan dazzled us with her singing and storytelling! She's been smashing it on stage in all the great Parisian comedy rooms for a while now - her showcase is definitely worth le détour!
# écrit le 25/04/19 , a vu cet évènement avec BilletReduc.com

WendyMenier Inscrite Il y a 4 ans 6 critiques  
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-So much fun!

Loved that Show, where New-Yorker singer D'yan Forest gives out secrets of sexy Paris in the 60s. She is amazing, gets out the banjo and the piano, still going strong at 80. I would not recommend taking under 18s but adults (who speak English) will have a great time.
# écrit le 25/04/19 , a vu cet évènement avec BilletReduc.com

Space Pirate Pictures Inscrit Il y a 4 ans 1 critique  
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-Down memory lane with a smile

There was humour, music and a selection of hats to underpin a tale of a woman in her 80s and possessed of young head and heart. It was nice to hear the audience join in with the songs. Good to see novelist Stephen Clarke branch out to writing this one woman show.
# écrit le 25/04/19 , a vu cet évènement avec BilletReduc.com

Robenfrance Inscrit Il y a 7 ans 1 critique  
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-D'yan Forest is a Star!

On 13 April, I had the pleasure of attending the premiere edition of D'yan Forest's Swinging on the Seine at La Nouvelle Seine. If you don't know who is D'yan Forest, you will soon! She is 84 years old and a superbly talented comedian, chanteuse and host. Swinging on the Seine is the story of D'yan's early year in Paris when she was on her way to becoming a star in the Parisian caberet scene. She had so many wonderful adventures, equal parts humourous and also scandalous, but in a good way. If you like stand-up comedy, music, and creative storytelling, this is a great show for you.
# écrit le 24/04/19 , a vu cet évènement avec BilletReduc.com

MMParis1 Inscrite Il y a 4 ans 1 critique  
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-Music and Stories from an Adventurous Life

The premier of Swinging on the Seine at La Nouvelle Seine was alive with energy from personality D'yan Forest (an inspirational age 84). From stories to humor to sing-a-long moments with the banjo and piano, she showed her talent as an actor and musician. With a script from Stephen Clarke (of Merde series fame and, more recently, French history, with a hint of England), she shared stories that revealed what life was like in the "swinging" 60s in Paris (R-rated). I look forward to Part II, where we hear more stories (PG-rated) of Ms. Forest's interesting past. She clearly lives life to the fullest ... and has stories to tell of Paris at a particularly dynamic time.
# écrit le 27/04/19

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