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Cathédrale Américaine, 75008 Paris


de William Shakespeare , mis en scène par Adam Alexander

Cathédrale Américaine, Paris

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En ce moment dans cette salle :

Argo Theatre Company est heureuse d'annoncer sa création inaugurale : @Real_Riiichard_G. Une nouvelle adaptation en anglais surtitré de Richard III de William Shakespeare.

Dans cette version de Richard III de William Shakespeare, adaptée et mise en scène par Adam Alexander, on découvre un futur dystopique proche où Richard de Gloucester, charmeur difforme et narcissique, semble mener son pays vers une twittersphère totalitaire. Avec Tristan Stansbury Worthington dans le rôle de Richard, neuf comédiens anglophones racontent cette histoire actuelle pleine d'agitation politique.

Le spectacle est en anglais surtitré en français.

Argo Theatre Company is proud to announce their inaugural production: @Real_Riiichard_G. In this version of William Shakespeare's Richard the Third (adapted and directed by Adam Alexander), we discover a dystopian, not so distant future in which a charming deformed narcissist- Richard of Gloucester- attempts to drag his country into a totalitarian twittersphere. Led by Tristan Stansbury Worthington as Richard, nine English-speaking actors make up the landscape of this modern tale of political turmoil.

Shakespeare's most renowned history play, The Tragedy of King Richard the Third has never lost popularity or relevance. The story of a man willing to use all possible tricks, rumours and intrigues to reach the height of power is timeless. Today, in a world where politics seems to go hand in hand with the abuse of power, where society and social networks have become one, where opinions matter more than facts, and truth has become a subjective and malleable concept, where the borders between real and digital are porous, "deep fake" videos more plausible than reality and media manipulation is commonplace, the story of this king of fake news is more topical than ever.

As director Adam Alexander observes: "The idea of someone like Richard leading a country clearly resonates with today's political climate and proves that histrionic villainy makes for good ratings. In our media, news and entertainment overlap, ensuring their commercial value while offering a dangerous platform for those who would use it to create division and confusion in an attempt to control the populus. It is for this reason that we have chosen to incorporate the additional character of media in this production whose fast pace reflects the rate of information in today's world."

Argo Theatre Company aims to craft theatre experiences that transport and transform. Nomadic and ever evolving, wherever we go, we bring theatre with us, challenging the confines of space, time, form and convention that each production brings. We journey into the wilds of artistic expression and unite theatre, music, dance and cinema to tell captivating, electrifying stories.

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Langue : Anglais
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